Expansion connectors

1D1 für Rundrohre - Expansion connectors without steel thread

1 Dimension

Expansion connectors without steel thread without steel thread. They are also available with one or two steel threads. Cheap package prices starting from 100 pieces in our webshop!

Net prices range from EUR 0.2425 to 2.4481.
Shipping exclusively via DPD, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Black
Material: Nylon

Order examples:

1D1/0 without steel thread = 1D1 20x20x1,5 M8/0
1D1/1 one steel thread below = 1D1 20x20x1,5 M8/1
1D1/1H one steel thread above = 1D1 20x20x1,5 M8/1H
1D1/2 two steel threads = 1D1 20x20x1,5 M8/2