PMKP/OV - Oval adhesive pads - (elastic and non-slip)

Oval adhesive pads (elastic and non-slip). Clamping saddle feet, angle glides, round adhesive pads. We offer cheap package prizes starting from 100 pieces!

Net prices range from EUR 0.4480 to 0.8596.
Shipping exclusively via DPD, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Redbrown
Material: acrylate adhesive , Polyurethane, app. 80 Shore A


Assembly information:
The high adhesive force of the acrylate adhesive can be protected against shearing forces by assembling in a 1-1,5 mm deep recess

Articles are covered/protected with peel-off seal

Product applications:

  • self-adhesive non-slipping rests for racks and frameworks
  • self-adhesive compression buffer/sound absorber for flaps and hoods
  • self-adhesive non-slipping spacer/feet for devices and apparatus