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PM 2784-H - double-sided tape

Product Information for PM 2784-H - double-sided tape


Mounting of signs, adorn parts, blinds and rungs made of metal and plastic, fixing of plastic profiles and car mirrors (splinter protextion!), ...

The double-sided tape consists of a white rigid PVC-film carrier, coated on both sides with a modified solvent acrylic adhesive. It offers an excellent resistance against high temperatures, high final strength and fits for indoor and outdoor use. The product shows a very good resistance against atmospheric conditions and ageing as well as a good resistance against plasticizers and chemicals. This double-sided tape has a very good adhesion on metals, high energetic plastics (e.g. ABS, Polycarbonate, rigid-PVC, acrylic glass, ...), wood, paper as well as a good adhesion on low-energetic surfaces (e.g. PP, PE, ...).

Colours: white

Carrier: hard PVC-foil

Adhesive: mod. acrylic

Liner: yellow paper, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: 0,25 mm

Adhesion: > 22,5 N/25 mm at 20°C

Temperature range: -30°C / +80°C, short periods +100°C

Permanent means a long-term connection between two materials which is usually not detachable without damage of the materials.
Removable means that at least one side of the adhesive tape is removable from many materials; a concrete period of time of the removability is not possible.
For outdoor use
KuHE: high-energetic plastics (PVC, PC, ABS,...)
KuNE: low-energetic plastics (PE, PP, PIB,...)
Paper, cardboard

Standard production widths: ca. 6 mm to ca. 1.000 mm. Please contact our sales department for further information. The given data are average values. Our recommendations do not release the user from aptitude tests.