Soft-PVC flatband FB 600, the perfect ending for our handrails

Soft-PVC flatband, the perfect ending for our handrails (especially regarding color)

Net prices range from EUR 19.7800 to 27.1600.
Shipping exclusively via DPD, personal pick up possible.

Colours: 001, 003, 004, 008, 011, 019, 020

Material: Soft-PVC

Hints: The perfect finish for plasticmetall handrail profiles:

  • flat profile 30 x 8 mm
  • flat profile 35 x 8 mm
  • flat profile 50 x 8 mm
  • round profile Ø 40 mm
  • round profile Ø 55 mm

The flatband is available in 7 colours, which fit exactly to the standard colours of the round- and flat-profiles:

001 black                             011 whitealuminium
003 telegrey                         019 greyaluminium
004 trafficgrey                     020 gold
008 signalwhite                    


  • Material and colour correspond exactly with the according handrail profiles.
  • Perfect finish and easy handable trough his thickness of 4,5mm.
  • Each quantity delivered is a flat piece of 75cm length and 6cm width, so that all stored profiles – flat profile 30x8, 35x8 and 50x8, round profile 40 and 55 – can be equipped with a material- and colour-ident ending. The application saves material extremely, because with one flat band you can manufacture – depending on the profile – from 16 (round 55) up to 50 (flat 30x8) end caps.