Anaerobic adhesives and sealants (for threadlocking, ...)

Product Information for Anaerobic adhesives and sealants (for threadlocking, ...)


• For locking, fastening and sealing of screw connections, for pipe joints as well as coarse threaded connections.
• For reliable retaining of bearings, bushings, bolts and other press or slip fitted connections.
• For sealing and locking hydraulic and pneumatic pipe connections.
• Highly recommended for use in flange sealing, replacing conventional gaskets in many cases.

WEICONLOCK products are high quality anaerobic adhesives and sealants on the basis of special methacrylate resins, especially made for economical threadlocking, retaining and sealing of threaded, cylindrical and pipe assemblies.

The characteristic feature of WEICONLOCK is the curing in contact with metal while deprived of air. It provides a shock- and vibration-resistant joint with excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents.

Due to its liquid consistency WEICONLOCK completely fills the gaps, thus giving protection against leakage and fretting corrosion.