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PM 2978-P - Double-sided tape

Product Information for PM 2978-P - Double-sided tape


Making rubber profiles and sealing tapes self-adhesive and stabilizes them, especially for EPDM-foams (high tensile strength and low tension), coating of foams, felt and textile materials, materials which are difficult to bond in the print-finishing industry, ...

The double-sided tape consists of a glass firbre scrim, coated on both sides with a specialised rubber adhesive. It has a good resistance against ageing, but a limited durability against plasticizers. The product shows a high tear strength and low elongation. Its high tack adhesive has an excellent adhesion when attached to metal, varnish and high energy surfaces (e.g. ABS, Polycarbonate, rigid-PVC, acrylic glass, ...), wood and paper. It has a very good adhesion to low energy surfaces (e.g. PE, PP). Due to the high coating thickness of the adhesive it is also suitable for rough and structured surfaces.

Colours: adhesive transparent, scrim white

Carrier: glasfibre scrim

Adhesive: rubber

Liner: yellow paper, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: 0,22 mm

Adhesion: 46,25 N/25 mm at 20°C

Temperature range: -40° C / +70° C

Permanent means a long-term connection between two materials which is usually not detachable without damage of the materials.
Removable means that at least one side of the adhesive tape is removable from many materials; a concrete period of time of the removability is not possible.
For outdoor use
KuHE: high-energetic plastics (PVC, PC, ABS,...)
KuNE: low-energetic plastics (PE, PP, PIB,...)
Paper, cardboard