PM 2676-G - double-sided tape

Thickness: 0,25 mm, special scrim

Double-sided tape PM 2676-G with special scrim, thickness: 0,25 mm, suitable for the bonding of skirting or chain strips on walls.

Net prices range from EUR 5.0019 to 99.2730.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: adhesive transparent, scrim blue

Carrier: special scrim

Adhesive: polyacrylic

Liner: paper blue/white, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 0,25 mm

Adhesion: >= 25,0 N/25 mm at 20° C

Temperature resistance: -30° C / +100° C

Further widths on request!
Minimum order quantity: 2 rolls per article
Standard sizes: roll length 50 m, roll width 5 - 800 mm

This double-sided tape has a special scrim and is coated on both sides with a highly transparent polyacrylic adhesive. This adhesive has an excellent resistance against UV radiation, temperature and aging. This plasticiser resistant tape has good surface adhesive and cold-flow qualities. The scrim stabilises the materils which are coated with this tape and avoids their overexpansion. This product sticks reliable on plastered masonry, acrylics, wallpapers, wood, plaster, ceramics, glass, metal and many other materials.


  • attachment of skirting boards and decorative mouldings
  • self-adhesive finishing respectively laminating of substrates, also when they are difficult to bond and very high adhesion is required
  • laminating of foams, felt, textiles and foils
  • coating of hook-loop tapes
  • air-proof bonding of overlaps and intersections of vapour barrier sheets according to DIN 4108-7 and as defined by EnEV 2009, the requirement of DIN 18234 (“Constructional fire protection of large-area roofs”) is fulfilled up to 50 mm tape width

Characteristics PM 2676-G - double-sided tape

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