PM 4905(4910)-8567 - double-sided tape

2 versions available, highest transparency

The double-sided adhesive tapes PM 4905-8567 (thickness: 0.5 mm) and PM 4910-8567 (thickness: 1.0 mm), with maximum transparency, are characterized by a particularly high internal strength. - Save money with our affordable package prices!

Net prices range from EUR 4.4000 to 138.1400.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: transparent

Carrier: non
Adhesive: Acrylic
Liner: PE-foil red, both sides siliconized

Available in two versions:

PM 4905-8567:

  • Total thickness:  0,5 mm
  • Adhesion (ASTM D-3330): 2.100 g / 25 mm

PM 4910-8567:

  • Total thickness  1,0 mm
  • Adhesion(ASTM D-3330): 2.700 g / 25 mm

Temperature resistance: -40° to +90° C, short periods +150° C
Tensile strength (ASTM D-897): 7.030 g / cm2
Dynamic shear force (ASTM D-1002): 4.900 g / cm2
Application temperature: > +15° C
Shelf life (18° C, 50% humidity): 1 year

Further widths on request!
Minimum order quantity: 2 rolls per article
Standard sizes: roll length 11 m (other lengths available), roll width 6 - 800 mm

The double-sided tape shows an especially high internal stability and consists of a highly transparent, closed-cell acrylic-adhesive-core, coated with a high-performance acrylic adhesive. It shows very good resistance against plasticisers and UV-rays as well as good stability against chemical force and weather, cares for strainless connections and damps vibrations. It shows an excellent adhesion to metal, varnished and high energy surfaces (e.g. ABS, Polycarbonate, hard and soft PVC, acrylic glass, etc.), wood and glass.


  • bonding glass and acrylic glass
  • assembly of displays, advertising products and decoration articles
  • bonding cast resin screens and acrylic letters