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PM Anti-Slip 3403 - Anti-Slip strips, glowing in the dark

Product Information for PM Anti-Slip 3403 - Anti-Slip strips, glowing in the dark


On  nearly all surfaces (also with heavy passenger traffic), in warehouses, stairs, ramps and other treads, utility vehicles construction, ... - products glowing in the dark!

PM Anti-Slip 3403 are strips of anti-slip flooring products, which glow in the dark. One of the most common accident causes are wet, slippery or dirty (e.g. oily) floors. PM Anti-Slip reduces or eliminates this source of danger. Therefore it is used as well as in the industrial and in private respectively leisure areas. Ladders, stairs, walkways in warehouses, hospitals, on airports, railway stations, container roofs, utility vehicles etc. may be equipped with them simple and effective. By the use of high-quality components PM Anti-Slip is durable and highly resilient. Due to the small thickness there is no risk of stumbling. The product is self-adhesive and simple to applicate.

Colours: photoluminescent

Carrier: PVC

Adhesive: pure acrylic

Liner: paper white, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: depends on product

Adhesion: > 1.500 g / 25 mm² bei 20°C

Temperature range: -30°C / +70°C

Permanent means a long-term connection between two materials which is usually not detachable without damage of the materials.
Removable means that at least one side of the adhesive tape is removable from many materials; a concrete period of time of the removability is not possible.
For outdoor use
KuHE: high-energetic plastics (PVC, PC, ABS,...)
KuNE: low-energetic plastics (PE, PP, PIB,...)
Paper, cardboard