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PM 2794F-H - double-sided tape, PP-foil liner

Thickness: 0,20 mm

Double-sided adhesive tape PM 2794F-H with foilcarrier, thickness 0,20 mm, PP-foil liner red, suitable for self-adhesive finishing.

Net prices range from EUR 5.6520 to 141.4488.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: transparent

Carrier: polyesterfoil

Adhesive: modified acrylic

Liner: PP-foil red, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: 0,20 mm

Adhesion (AFERA 5001): 22,5 N/25 mm (90° on steel), 25,0 N/25 mm (180° on steel) at 20° C

Temperature resistance: -20° C / +150° C, short periods +180° C

Further widths on request!
Minimum order quantity: 2 rolls per article
Standard sizes: roll length 50 m, roll width 5 - 1.000 mm

The double-sided tape consists of a polyester film carrier, coated on both sides with a modified solvent acrylic adhesive. The product shows a very good resistance against atmospheric conditions and ageing as well as a good resistance against plasticizers and chemicals. It offers an excellent resistance against high temperatures, high final strength and fits for indoor and outdoor use. This double-sided tape has a very good adhesion on metals, high energetic plastics (e.g. Polycarbonate, rigid-PVC, acrylic glass, ABS etc.), paper, wood as well as a good adhesion on low-energetic surfaces (e.g. PE, PP etc.).


  • bonding of cellophaned and special coated papers (print finishing industry),
  • laminating of signs, metal and plastic parts, foams, EPDM and rubber (stamp production) etc.

Characteristics PM 2794F-H - double-sided tape, PP-foil liner

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