The company Plasticmetall

Was founded in 1958 and it is specialist in the areas of plastic parts and self-adhesive technology.

In the division „plastic parts“ we care for our customers not only with a wide standard assortment. We have our own tool manufacturing department and offer an especial service in non-standard production of casting parts.       

In the division "self-adhesive technology" plasticmetall is 3M-partner in the fields of:

  • glueing
  • grinding
  • matting & safety (security/anti-slip flooring, industrial safety-products)

We are “converter” for tapes and manufacture all standard and special widths - exactly in millimetres. Beyond them we produce die-cuts from 3M and other products of well-known manufacturers.

Detailed information of 3M tapes and glues you can find in 3M-products.