2D3 - T-shaped nylon connector for square tubes with steel core

  • Loading capacity

T-shaped nylon connector for square tubes with steel core (2D3), with glass fibre reinforcement available.

Net prices range from EUR 4.4918 to 10.8126.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Black

Material: Nylon


  • For form pipe 25x25x1,5 also in color grey (RAL 7035) and with gloss-galvanized
  • M8+M10 with thread to amount roles, placing plates , etc.
  • or with V2A-Steel core available (on request)
  • MK = one-piece
  • GF = with glass fibre reinforcement

Loading capacity for plug-in connectors:

Plug-in connectors in size 25 und 30 (i.e. with steel cores 15x15 only!)
have a maximum pressure load capacity of 400 kgs for each horizontal
connector arm on condition that:

  • the distance between the outer wall of the vertical tube and the outer edge of the load does not exceed 10 mm max.
  • the bottom of the load is so rigid that the forces are effective on the outer edges of the load only (see illustration)
  • loads are static, i.e. without any dynamic strains by movable charges

Total maximum vertical load capacity is 400 kgs for each connector in
close ashlar constructions, i.e. none of the connectors may be charged with
more than 400 kgs.

Please take into account that use of part such as height adjusters, threaded
inserts and adjusters in combination with plug-in connectors might reduce these
capacities for the complete unit!

Material information without obligation for Nylon 6.6

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