Accessories - primer, edge sealer, pressure roller

Accessories for safety solutions: Primer, edge sealer and pressure roller from PM.

PM 3506 Primer - adhesion promoter for higher adhesion
Primers are adhesion promoters which may improve cross-linking of the (pressure sensitive) adhesive with different materials. Cleaning the surfaces before the application of the primer with our surface cleaner is essential. Kindly adhere our separate, on request available processing advices. Primers are essential a.o. for PE, PP, powder-coated resp. sucking surfaces. For further information regarding the material maintenance suitable primer kindly contact our adhesive-technology team.

PM 3502 edge sealer - Sealing against humidity and contamination

PM pressure roller for good surface pressure - view also menu item "Processing notes for PM safety solutions".  Good surface pressure during the application of single- and double-sided tapes and PM Safety solutions. The pressure rollers consist of high-grade materials (metal-wood-rubber) and are available in two versions: as an single-hand model and a two-hand model (for especial high surface pressure).

Colours: red handle = one-hand-version, brown handle = two-hand-version