PM Anti-Slip 3401 - Anti-Slip strips - standard quality

PM Anti-Slip are strips of anti-slip flooring products. Application on nearly all surfaces (also with heavy passenger traffic) and in all areas. - Save money with our affordable package prices!

Net prices range from EUR 13.9000 to 76.6400.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: black, yellow, transparent, brown, red, blue, green, white, fluorescent yellow, black/yellow, red/white, grey

Carrier: PVC coated with aluminium oxide
Adhesive: Solvent acrylic
Liner: paper white, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: 0,95 mm
Adhesion: > 1.500 g / 25 mm² bei 20°C
Temperature resistance: -30° to +70° C
Tensile strength (PSTC-31): > 6,0 kg / 25,4 mm2 
Tear resistance (PSTC-39): > 5.600 +/- 200 g
Elongation at break (PSTC-31): > 25%
Resistance to water (PSTC-35): 10 months
Resistance to chemicals (PSTC-35): 8 months
Resistance to motor oil (PSTC-35): excellent
Coefficient of friction data (Pendulum): dry surface 102 TRL, wet surface 71 TRL
Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R13
Application temperature: > +10° C
Life: ca. 1 - 2 years (depends on stress)
Shelf life (18° C, 50% humidity): 1 year

Further widths on request!
Standard sizes: roll length 18,3 m, others on request, roll width 15 - 1.168 mm, cuts and die-cuts on request.

PM Anti-Slips are strips of anti-slip flooring products. One of the most common accident causes are wet, slippery or dirty (e.g. oily) floors. Anti-Slip reduces or eliminates this source of danger. Therefore it is used as well as in the industrial and in private respectively leisure areas. Ladders, stairs, showers, changing rooms etc. may be equipped with them simple and effective. By the use of high-quality components PM Anti-Slip is durable and highly resilient. Due to the small thickness there is no risk of stumbling. The product is self-adhesive and simple to applicate. Processing notes are available on request.


  • on all smooth subsurfaces, also with intensive use,
  • in store-rooms, on stairs, ramps and other treads,
  • utility vehicles construction,
  • in wet and barefoot areas (sauna, bath rooms, showers, etc.);