WEICON aerosol adhesives - permanent or removeable

Spray adhesives from WEICON offer quick and easy processing at the push of a button. Aerosol adhesives are used mainly for large-scale bondings.

Net prices range from EUR 10.2600 to 11.8000.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Adhesive: synthetic rubber

Temperature resistance: -20 / +65 ° C (extra strong to +80 ° C)

3 different typs available:

  • Typ "universal use" bonds light materials to themselves and among each other
  • Typ "Adhesive Spray extra strong" is a special formula for strong and permanent bonds on rough and uneven surfaces
  • Typ "transparent" Adhesive Spray for detachable joints is especially suited for detachable and adjustable joints.

WEICON Adhesive Spray is suitable for the bonding of numerous materials such as paper, cardboard, pasteboard, wood, thin veneers, cork, leather, textiles, felt, soft foam, rubber, foam rubber, and plastic film (except for PVC and polyethylene). It is especially suited for the bonding of hard foam (e.g. polystyrene).

WEICON Adhesive Spray extra strong can be used for the bonding of felt, PVC foil, imitation leather, carpets, plastics, cardboard, foam and cellular rubber, insulating materials, soft foam, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal and wood. It is also suitable for large-area adhesive bonding.

WEICON Adhesive Spray for detachable joints can be used, for example, to fuse templates, billboards, posters, photos, decorations in trade show construction, layouts and technical drawings.

Characteristics WEICON aerosol adhesives - permanent or removeable

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