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Elastic adhesives and sealants - WEICON, Illbruck

universal and easy to apply adhesives

Our elastic adhesives and sealants offer a great variety of use – from simple connections up to structural bonding.

Gross prices range from EUR 10.5360 to 34.7760.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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MS polymers, adhesion promoters, polyurethanes, silicones, contact adhesives and much more.

Elastic adhesives and sealants are used today in many areas of industrial production and assembly. They combine the advantages of adhesive and sealing technology and are used wherever there are high demands on the elasticity and sealing effect of a joint. An extremely high power transmission is usually not in the foreground in such applications. Rather, dynamic loads such as Vibrations and expansions of the parts to be joined are absorbed and compensated.

We offer products from WEICON and Illbruck:

Productinformations - WEICON - pdf download

Productinformations - Speed-Flex® Kristall from WEICON - pdf download

Productinformations - SP050 from Illbruck - pdf download

Productinformations - SP350 from Illbruck - pdf download

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