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JTLO/B - Set screw with swiveling foot without anti-skid plates

JTLO/B without groundplate
  • JTLO/B without groundplate
  • Groundplate for JTLO
  • Fixingplate for JTLO
  • slide plate for serie JTLO/B 58

Zinc-plated furniture adjusting (set) screw with swiveling polyethylene foot for attaching anti-skid plates (JTLO/B) - adjustable feet

Gross prices range from EUR 0.6455 to 8.5967.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible. Shipping costs »

Colors: Base: Black

Material: Base: Polyamide (PA), Screw: DIN 558-4.6-A2F (zinc-plated)

Hints for JTLO/B - adjustable feet with zinc-plated set screw for floor plates:

  • We would welcome your inquiries for non-standard thread lengths/sizes.
  • Assembly support: Torx T20 inside the base (max. 3.4 Nm)
  • Adjustment has to be unloaded. Adjustable feet are not suitable as load gliders.
  • Special production as adjustable socket screws with hexagon socket inside the thread end (M8/WAF4, M10/WAF5).

This screw-on plate fits for series JTLO/A 38/48 and JTLO/B 38/48.
This anti-slip plate fits for series JTLO/A 38/48 and JTLO/B 38/48.

Material information without obligation for Nylon 6.6

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