PM 1220 M AL - double-sided glue dots, paper tissue carrier

Thickness: 0,10 mm

The PM 1220 M AL adhesive dots consist of a paper tissue carrier & offer an excellent permanent adhesion on metal and many different plastic surfaces.

Net prices range from EUR 41.2800 to 75.5100.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: translucent

Carrier: paper tissue

Adhesive: water-based acrylic, modified

Liner: paper yellow / white, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 0,10 mm

Adhesion (FINAT TM1): at 23° C > 25,0 N/25 mm

Temperature resistance: -20° C / +120° C

Further dimensions on request!
Minimum order quantity: 1 rolls per article, if on stock
Standard sizes: die-cut parts in 10/15/20 mm diameter, 5.000 pcs./roll, with handle, further dimensions and slit rolls on request

The product shows an excellent adhesion to metal, varnish and high energy surfaces (e.g. hard and soft PVC, acrylic glass, ABS, Polycarbonate, etc), wood & paper.

The glue dots consist of a paper tissue carrier, coated on both sides with a modified acrylic adhesive. They have a good resistance against UV-radiation and temperature.


  • Die-cut parts for fixing products made of polyester-foams, polyether-foams, PVC- and PE-foams, paper, cardboard, foils etc.
  • in the print-finishing industry respectively advertising (P.O.S.)

Characteristics PM 1220 M AL - double-sided glue dots, paper tissue carrier

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