PM 8162F-P - double-sided tape

extended paper liner, permanent/peelable bonding

The double-sided adhesive tape PM 8162F-P consists of a transparent polyester film carrier that is coated with adhesives of different adhesive strength (open side permanent, covered side removable adhesive). - Save money with our affordable package prices!

Net prices range from EUR 3.3800 to 5.7500.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: transparent

Carrier: Polyester foil
Adhesive: Acrylic
Liner: paper white, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 0,05 mm
Adhesion (BS 7116): 10,0 / 3,75 N / 25 mm (perm./peelable)
Temperature resistance: -20° to +120° C
Shear adhesion (1 kg at 23° C, BS 7116): >2 hours
Application temperature: +5 up to +25° C
Shelf life (18° C, 50% humidity): 1 year

Further widths on request!
Minimum order quantity: 2 rolls per article
Standard sizes: roll length 50 m up to 10.000 m (bobbins), roll width 5/10, 6/12, 9/15, 12/18, 18/24, 24/30 mm

The permanent/peelable double-sided tape consists of a polyester foil carrier, coated with adhesives of different adhesion. This product has good resistance to UV light, plasticisers and temperature variation. The liner is a two side release system which overlaps at each edge to give a "Fingerlift" product for easy liner removal. The open side has an acrylic permanent adhesive and a good initial tack on metals, different plastics (e.g. ABS, Polycarbonate, rigid-PVC, acrylic glass, etc.), wood, paper, cardboard, stone, glass; the closed side a peelable acrylic adhesive.


  • removable fixings in the print finishing industry (answering cards, samples, etc.)
  • removable mounting of posters
  • protection / scratch pads
  • core splicing (e.g. to fix foils on cores)
  • removable fixing of daily menu cards