PM DOTS - double-sided glue dots in 4 adhesive strengths

Thickness: 0,30 mm, fast processing

PM DOTS are double-sided, transparent glue spots, available in four different removable, adhesive strengths (low, middle, strong,permanent).

Net prices range from EUR 26.4800 to 59.5000.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: transparent

Carrier: none

Adhesive: hot-melt

Liner: paper white, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 0,30 mm

Adhesion PM DOTS:low / middle / strong - all removable
Adhesion PM DOTS 1007:permanent
Temperature resistance PM DOTS: -15° / +50° C, short periods +65° C
Temperature resistance PM DOTS 1007:-15° C / +40° C

Minimum order quantity: 1 rolls per article, if on stock
Standard sizes: approx.10 mm diameter 5.000 or 7.000 pcs./roll, further dimensions on request

PM DOTS are double-sided glueing spots for mounting of different materials (metal, plastics, wood, paper, cardboard, glass, etc.). Clean, simple and precise processing directly from the roll (dispenser box, manual or electrical dispenser - removal of paper liner is not necessary!), FDA-approved for indirect food contact. In different, removable adhesive versions available: low / middle / strong - depending on use, respectively materials. For applications which need permanent bonding PM Dots 1007 are suitable.


  • bonding in the print finishing industry
  • mounting of different materials (CD´s, sample, customer cards, credit cards or reply cards, etc.) in mailings
  • contract packaging
  • fixing of paper, cardboard, posters

Characteristics PM DOTS - double-sided glue dots in 4 adhesive strengths

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