Foam carrier

PM Glazing Mount - Double-sided tape with foam carrier

Product Information for PM Glazing Mount - Double-sided tape with foam carrier


Spacer for bearing bonded glass-constructions (structural glazing systems with entire glass facades), facade-, hall-, winter garden- and window construction, spacer and vibration damper in many industrial applications, ...

The double-sided tape consists of a high-density, mixed-cellular black PU-foam coated on both sides with a solvent pure acrylic adhesive. The product has been especially developed as spacer for structural glazing systems with entire glass facades, e.g. for curtain walls and skylight domes. Glazing Mount ensures excellent shear resistance on glass, steel and anodized aluminium and fixes the components in their positions until the silicone is cured. The tape shows an excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions and UV radiation. It is compatible with all current glazing silicones and weather-proof sealing materials, e.g. from Dow Corning, General Electric, Rhône-Poulenc und Wacker Chemie. The black adherends cause for an even appearance of the glazing. The low thermal conductivity of the PU-foam reduces fogging by condensed air humidity and contributes to thermal insulation. Glazing Mount has been released as spacer tape for Structural Glazing by the "Institut für Fenstertechnik“ in Rosenheim.

Colours: charcoal-grey

Carrier: PUR-foam

Adhesive: pure acrylic

Liner: PE-foil blue, both sides siliconised

Total thickness: 3,2 / 4,8 / 6,4 / 8,0 mm

Adhesion: see data sheet

Temperature range: -40°C / +80°C

Permanent means a long-term connection between two materials which is usually not detachable without damage of the materials.
Removable means that at least one side of the adhesive tape is removable from many materials; a concrete period of time of the removability is not possible.
For outdoor use
KuHE: high-energetic plastics (PVC, PC, ABS,...)
KuNE: low-energetic plastics (PE, PP, PIB,...)
Paper, cardboard