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PM Elastikpuffer, convex hemispherical shape, self-adhesive

PM 4012 transparent
  • PM 4012 transparent
  • PM 5632 transparent
  • PM 4016 black
  • PM 4158 grey
  • PM 4020 transparent
  • PM 4190 grey
  • PM 4110 black
  • PM 4230 black
  • PM 4300 white
  • PM 4380 transparent

PM elastic buffers self-adhesive, hemispherical, in different curvatures available.

Gross prices range from EUR 0.0270 to 0.4266.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible. Shipping costs »

Colors: transparent, white, black, grey

Carrier: polyurethane (PU) 66-70 shore A

Adhesive: acrylic

Temperature resistance: -40° / +120° C

PM elastic buffers hemispherical are made of strong, highly resilient polyurethane and are coated with an aggressive pressure-sensitive adhesive. They are sound-absorbing and vibration-absorbing, slip-resistant, shock-resistant and abrasion-resistant, heat-dissipating, highly transparent. As a result, they adapt perfectly to all colored backgrounds. They are quick and easy to process, hard-wearing and flexible. Other colors on request!


  • cabinet feet
  • rubber feet
  • computer feet
  • spacers
  • door buffer, door stopper

Characteristics PM Elastikpuffer, convex hemispherical shape, self-adhesive

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