PMEP - Universal bumpers, resistant to abrasion, friction & skidding

Universal bumpers made from polyurethane, 50-70 Shore A. Abrasion-proof, superb adhesive strength, nonslipping. Different versions available.

Net prices range from EUR 0.0639 to 4.9724.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: uncoloured, black, (white, grey, brown on inquiry)
SD – only uncoloured

Material: 100 % Polyurethane (PUR) 65-70 Shore A. Without (migrating) plasticizers, oils or fillers. Adhesive basing on synthetic rubber or on inquiry for high duty (adhesive strength, heat resistance) basing on high performance acrylate. SD = 50-55 Shore A


Serie PMEP - Universal bumpers: Delivery only as complete pads.

  • Non-staining and non-marring.
  • Easy "peel-off" application (kiss-cut).
  • Superior abrasion resistance.
  • Superb coefficient of friction and resistance to skidding.
  • Crack resistant and super elastic.
  • Vibrationdampening, shock dampening.
  • Compression buffer/sound absorber for flaps and hoods.
  • Rests for racks and frameworks.
  • Compression buffer for kitchens and cabinets.
  • Spacer/feet for devices and apparatuses.

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