PMEP2 - Universal bumpers

Universal bumpers made from polyurethane, ca. 85 Shore A. Non-slipping, abrasion-proof, noise- and vibration-absorbing - favorable prizes from 100 pieces up!

Net prices range from EUR 0.0461 to 0.6285.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Uncoloured

Material: Polyurethane (PUR), app. 85 Shore A


Delivery only as complete pads.

  • Acrylate based adhesive - material PUR is UV-stable up to 5 years.
  • Excellent non-slipping and abrasion resistance
  • Noise- and vibration-absorbing
  • No usage marks from standing and moving.
  • free designing (low overall height, transparent)
  • High UV-resistance
  • Quick assembly on diverse subsurfaces/surfaces