SR 1700 - PVC/rubber pass-through cable grommet

Cable grommet made of soft PVC (Shore 143) or thermoplastic rubber to protect cables passing through metal plates

Pass-through grommets of all sizes for the execution of prefabricated cables. Also available in Thermoplastic rubber. Cheap package prices starting from 100 pieces! - favorable prizes from 100 pieces up!

Net prices range from EUR 0.0364 to 1.8661.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Black

Material: SR 1700 PVC, also in thermoplastic rubber available (SR 1701)


  • For protecting wires & cables when pressing metal-plates.
  • Temperature range series 1701: -40°C to +140°C (short time up to 190°C).
  • # = PVC black, Type Vx321, Shore 143