SRB 90 - Form- & friction-locking 90° connector for round tubes

Form-locking and friction-locking 90° connector for round tubes (SRB 90)

Net prices range from EUR 0.1987 to 0.7841.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Black

Material: Nylon, zinc-plated steel

Further sizes (Nominal-Ø and thickness of wall) on inquiry.
Combinations SRB 90 with a smaller tube on inquiry (for example SRB 90/22x1,5/15).

Assembly information:
To assemble SRB 90 insert the connector up to the rod-stop and tighten the screw (not included) to form bond. High tensile strength can be achieved with low starting torque. Tensile strength is in fluenced tolerance and the inner surface of the tube. If the thread is not fully tighten (normally not necessary) when tight up later to compensate the settlement.

Material information without obligation for Nylon 6.6

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