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Assembly information for SDH, SDH new

  • The bracing wire clamps‘ advantage is that they can be pre-assembled before the fence erection starts. At the building site the inserted bracing wire can be unsolvable fastened with a simple scale.
  • If possible, use a bushing to avoid erosion between tube and tube coating by gap forming.
  • Load values refer only to tube borings with Ø 8-8,1 or Ø 10-10,1 mm and for tube thicknesses up to appr. 2,5 mm and are maximum values exclusive of safety factor. Pre-condition is assembly free of pre-marring and above 5° C (risk of frost breakage). Under the alternative radial or axial maxi- mum load the wire clamps are pulled only so far that function will be retained. Radial and axial load values are alternative, a combined load with maximum values of each is improper.
  • The clamps must remain in their original welding bag package up to assembly or pre-assembly, so that the assembly moisture of parts reaches at least 1,5 % and they are not suitable for inclined or tilting assembly. Wire clamps are only suitable for professional assembled fences referring to valid norms or to the state-of-the-art. For high loaded wire meshes (snow, brushwood, if so with wind pressure) use type SH500.

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