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Material information without obligation for TPE

Is a collective term for thermoplastics with properties like real elastomers (with cross linked molecule chains: synthetic rubber). These are classified depending on their allied thermoplastics in:

TPA (TPE-A) = thermoplastic Copolyamides

TPE (TPE-E) = thermoplastic Copolyesters

TPO (TPE-O) = thermoplastic Olefins (--> Polyethylene, Polypropylene)

TPS (TPE-S) = thermoplastic Styrene derivates (--> Polystyrene, Styrenebutadien, ABS, ASA, etc)

TPU (TPE-PU) = thermoplastic Urethanes (--> Polyurethane) Resistance (without obligation)

TPV (TPE-V) = thermoplastic vulcanisates (e.g. cross-linked EPDM)

These are different to plastomers (with weight 0,9 g/cm³ very light thermoplastics with very short molecule chains - e.g. Polyolefinplastomers [POP's]).

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