JTHR - Adjustable foot with zinc-plated setscrew

Zinc-plated furniture setscrew with massive polypropylene foot. Specials: stainless screw, base in special colours.

Net prices range from EUR 0.4254 to 5.7891.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: Black

Screw: DIN 558-4.6-A2F (zinc-plated)
Base 20/25 mm: Polyamide (PA)
Base 30/40 mm: Polypropylene (PP)


  • Hexagon inside the thread end see article JTHR/ISK .
  • Specials: stainless screw, base in special colours according to RAL-system, further thread lengths/sizes.
  • Adjustable foot are not suitable as load gliders.
  • Screw load can be lower (unsupported length over with buckling occurs!).
  • The applicability for automated assembly will be examined by the costumer. Standard delivery is whithout warranty for applicability for automated assembly (range of torque, tolerance limits of thread and more).
  • Assembly support: Torx T20 inside the base (max. torsional 3.4 Nm).

Material information without obligation for Polypropylen

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Material information without obligation for Nylon 6.6

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