PM Anti-Slip 3402 - Anti-Slip strips, available in 2 grains

- coarse grain, extra coarse grain

PM Anti-Slip 3402 are anti-slip strips that are available in two different coarse grain sizes. They are long-lasting, highly resilient and especially suitable for smooth surfaces. - Save money with our affordable package prices!

Net prices range from EUR 15.6000 to 96.9960.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Colours: coarse: black, yellow, green, black/yellow
x-coarse: black, green

Carrier: PVC coated with aluminium oxide
Adhesive: Solvent acrylic
Liner: paper white, one side siliconized

Total thickness: 1,40 mm (coarse) or rather 1,74 mm (x-coarse)    
Adhesion (PSTC-4): > 1.500 g / 25,4 mm2
Temperature resistance: -30° to +70° C
Tensile strength (PSTC-31): > 6,0 kg / 25,4 mm2 
Tear resistance (PSTC-39): > 5.600 +/- 200 g
Elongation at break (PSTC-31): > 25%
Resistance to water (PSTC-35): 10 months
Resistance to chemicals (PSTC-35): 8 months
Resistance to motor oil (PSTC-35): excellent
Coefficient of friction data (P): dry surface 99 TRL, wet surface 80 TRL
Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R13
Application temperature: > +10° C
Life: approx. 1 - 2 years (depends on stress)
Shelf life (18° C, 50% humidity): 1 year

Further widths on request!
Standard sizes: roll length 18,3 m, others on request, roll width 19 - 1.168 mm, cuts and die-cuts on request

One of the most frequent causes of accidents are wet, smooth or contaminated floors. The Anti-slip strips enable a reduction, in ideal case even the prevention of this source of danger. By their high-grade components PM Anti-Slip is durable and highly resilient. Due to the little thickness exists no risk of stumbling. Higher anti-slip property to PM Anti-Slip 3401 standard by rougher mineral structure. Available in two grains: 3402 coarse and 3402 x-coarse. The product is self-adhesive and easy to install; processing notes are available on request.


  • on all smooth subsurfaces, also with intensive use
  • in store-rooms, on stairs, ramps and other tread