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Serie PM Anti-Slip 6830 - Anti-Slip-strips, wet area

roughly structured

PM Anti-Slip 6830 are roughly structured anti-slip strips, especially suitable for use in wet and barefoot areas.

Gross prices range from EUR 41.1232 to 302.3126.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: black, grey, yellow, transparent, white

Carrier: PVC / PET compound

Adhesive: solvent acrylic

Liner: paper white, one side siliconized

Total thickness: 1,30 mm

Adhesion: 5,714 kg / 25,4 mm

Temperature resistance: -30° C / + 80° C

Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R10

Coefficient of friction data: dry surface 95 TRL, wet surface 60 TRL (pendulum test method)

Further widths on request!
Standard sizes: roll length 18,3 m, others on request, roll width 19 - 1.346 mm, cuts and die-cuts on request

One of the most frequent causes of accidents are wet, smooth or contaminated floors. The Anti-slip-strips enable a reduction, in ideal case even the prevention of this source of danger. By their high-grade components PM Anti-Slip is durable and highly resilient. Due to the little thickness exists no risk of stumbling. PM 6830 has been developed especially for wet and barefoot areas. The product is self-adhesive and easy to install; processing notes are available on request.


  • on all smooth subsurfaces, also with intensive use,
  • in sauna area, bath rooms, showers, etc.;

Characteristics Serie PM Anti-Slip 6830 - Anti-Slip-strips, wet area

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