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Serie PM Stripe - Floor marking

lightly structured (anti-slip-effect) or smooth

PM Stripe is the most effective, long-lasting floor marking system. No drying or hardening time is required, marked areas can be used immediately.

Gross prices range from EUR 111.0720 to 540.9720.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible. Shipping costs »

Colors: blue, yellow, black, orange, red, green, white, fluorescent yellow, black/yellow, red/white, photoluminescent (glow in the dark), black/white

Carrier: PVC

Adhesive: solvent acrylic

Liner: PET-foil red, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: 1,30 mm

Adhesion (ASTM-D1000): > 1,8 kg / 25,4 mm

Temperature resistance: -30° C / +70° C

Slip resistance (DIN 51130): R10

Coefficient of friction data (DIN 51130): R10


  • lightly structured (anti-slip-effect)
  • smooth

Standard sizes: roll length 30 m, roll width 50/75/100 mm, cuts and die-cuts on request

PM Stripe is the world´s most effective and durable aisle marking system. It is the modern alternative to resin and paint and needs no curing time - marked areas are useable immediately. Easy changes are possible: material will not snap if removed. A great variety of colours and shapes (letters, arrows, circles, feet, etc.) are available. The product is self-adhesive and easy to install; processing notes are available on request.


  • suitable for highest load (fork lifts),
  • floor respectively aisle marking system for plants and stockrooms, buildings, garages, etc.;

Characteristics Serie PM Stripe - Floor marking

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