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PM Dual-Fix - high quality plastic fastener

for re-releasable mounts

PM Dual-Fix is a high quality plastic fastener with small, mushroom-head shaped heads that can be repeatedly closed and reopened.

Gross prices range from EUR 281.1240 to 367.4760.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible. Shipping costs »

Colors: black

Carrier: polyester, polypropylene heads

Adhesive: modified acrylic

Total thickness: approx. 6,5 mm (both parts joined together)

Temperature resistance: -40° C / +90° C, short periods +120° C

Bonding: permanent, also for outdoor use or on low-energy surfaces (PE, PP, powder coatings, ...)

Standard delivery form: roll length 25 m, roll width 25 mm.

PM Dual-Fix is THE removable, invisible fastening solution. By pressing two strips together, the mushroom heads interlink, creating a high-quality, but re-releasable connection. The pressure-sensitive adhesive reliably fixes parts to many, even difficult-to-bond materials - indoors and outdoors.

For re-releasable fixing of trim parts, signs, surveillance cameras, covers, components, etc., in the automotive industry, appliance manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, machine and apparatus construction, for advertising applications and decoration, etc.

Characteristics PM Dual-Fix - high quality plastic fastener

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