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PM Velcro fastener - Hook or loop tape

thickness: ca. 2,0 mm each part

The velcro fastener consists of two parts: the hook and loop tape. For sewing in a non-adhesive version, self-adhesive with various adhesives.

Gross prices range from EUR 18.8363 to 99.6256.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: black, white, furthers on request

Carrier: Polyamide rayon

Adhesive: nähen = without adhesive, selbstklebend = with acrylic adhesive

Liner: none or paper, both sides siliconized

Total thickness: ca. 2,0 mm each part (hook or loop tape)

Temperature resistance: -40° C / +150° C (only rayon)

Technical specifications are valid for hook-loop tapes without adhesive!

Peel strength (DIN EN 1414):
after 1 time opening/closing: IST (N/cm) 1,5 / 1,6 TARGET (N/cm) >= 1,3 (in/against running direction)
after 10.000 times opening/closing: IST (N/cm) 0,8 / 1,0 TARGET (N/cm)>= 0,65

Shear strength (DIN 3415 part 2):
after 1 time opening /closing: IST (N/cm2 ) 9,8 / 8,2 TARGET (N/cm2 ) >= 6,0 (in/against running direction after)
10.000 times opening/closing: IST (N/cm2 ) 4,9 / 5,7 TARGET (N/cm2 ) >= 3,0

Standard sizes: roll length 25 m, roll width 16/20/25/30/38/50/100 mm

The fastener system consists of two parts: the hook and loop tape. For sewing in a non-glueing version, self-adhesive with various adhesives:

  • Acrylic waterbased for indoor use
  • Solvent modified Acrylic - for outdoor use see. PM 2676-G
  • reactivatable adhesive (using heat or solvents)
  • hot-melt adhesive

Special versions:

  • back-to-back (hook-/loop tapes back to back welded)
  • PM two-in-one (hook-/loop tapes combined within one tape)
  • die-cut parts in round and angular form
  • as cable ties, ski-fasteners (both printable)


  • for different connections which should be re-opened
  • applications in the textile industry, trade fairs, print finishing

Reactivatable adhesive, rubber adhesive on request.

Characteristics PM Velcro fastener - Hook or loop tape

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