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PM Primerbottles & accessories

This product group is designed for the use of our primer 94 and enables a lamellar, exact, clean application of the adhesion promoter.

Gross prices range from EUR 1.7640 to 28.8000.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: translucent

We offer PM Primerbottles, Docking Stations, flat applicators, flow restrictors for applying primers, adhesion promoters, liquids.

236 ml bottles (HDPE): 158,8 x 50,8 mm (h x Ø)
118 ml bottles (softer, LDPE): 120,7 x 41,3 mm (h x Ø)
Dockingstations: 85,7 x 69,9 mm bzw. 55,6 x 69,9 mm (h x Ø)
Flow restrictors: whole-Ø 1 mm und Ø 2 mm
Felt applicators widths: (others on request) 16/19/25/44,5 mm

Further designs (round or u-formed felt applicators, etc. brush applicators etc.) on request!

Advantages: no annoying handling with brushes, erasers etc. Clean and fast working, low consumption and constant primer application. Note: primers are adhesion promoters which may improve cross-linking of the (pressure sensitive) adhesive with materials. Cleaning the surfaces before the application of the primer with our surface cleaner is essential. Kindly adhere our separate, on request available processing advices.

The single components:

  • Primerbottles in 2 sizes
  • Felt applicators in different widths and types (also with edge guide for exact working on borders)
  • Dockingstations reduce evaporation of the primer in working breaks and enable a clean storage of the felt applicators on the primer bottle
  • Flow restrictors can be inserted on demand

Lamellar, exact and clean application of 3M primer 94 and other bonding agents (fitting accessories on request).

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Processing and storage information

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