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PM Primer - adhesion promoters

increase the adhesive strength to all substrates

Primers are adhesion promoters which may improve cross-linking of the (pressure sensitive) adhesive with different materials.

Gross prices range from EUR 9.1292 to 69.7212.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: transparent

Ingredients: depends on product, details on request

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece per article, when stock item

Cleaning the surfaces before the application of the primer is essential.

Kindly adhere our separate, on request available processing advices. Primers are essential a.o. for PE, PP, powder-coated resp. sucking surfaces. For further information regarding the material maintenance suitable primer kindly contact our adhesive-technology team.

3M Primer 94:for low-energy materials (PE, PP, etc.) resp. powdercoated surfaces - especially for 3M VHB™ high-performance tapes

Weicon Primer M100: for metals, glass, different plastics etc. - especially for MS-polymer-based adhesives

Weicon Primer P400: for low-energy materials (PE, PP, etc.) - especially for MS-polymer-based adhesives

Weicon CA-Primer: for low-energy surfaces (PE, PP, etc.) - especially for Cyanoacrylate adhesives

Characteristics PM Primer - adhesion promoters

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