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Processing notes for PM safety solutions

Our safety strips are quick and easy to apply. 

Kindly note the following instructions:

  1. Storage of rolls, primer, edge-sealer at least at 18° C.
  2. The surface on which you want do stick it, must have at least a temperature of 10° C.        
  3. Cleaning of the substrate with isopropanol - ventilating is necessary.        
  4. Brush blowy, sucking surface  with PM Primer 3506 (in any case when using it outdoor !).  Pretreat low energetic materials (PE, PP, powder-coated metals) with Primer 94. Let it dry well! If the surface shows greater roughness, it is necessary to smooth it before priming to avoid penetration of humidity.       
  5. Cut PM Anti-Slip to length, remove liner partly, angle the tape (keep a distance of 15 mm from the leading edge of stairs to avoid damage of the tape´s edges), take-off the remaining liner and press on PM Anti-Slip. Use our pressure roller! 
  6. If you are laying PM Anti-Slip 3406 conformable, please use a rubber mallet to fit it to the structure of the surface.     
  7. Apply edge-sealer PM 3502 economically to increase the service life of PM Anti-Slip and to avoid penetration of humidity. If there occurs a gap between the edges of Anti-Slip and the substrate, use our product 310M Crystal instead of the edgesealer.        

PM Anti-Slip can be used immediately after laying - maximum resilience occurs after 48 hours! 

Note : this processing guidance is valid for all PM safety solutions!

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