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Physical Mechanical Qualities

At 1.14-1.56 g/ccm, Soft PVC is a relatively hard plastic. Because of the plasticizers used, there are soft rubber type mixtures of -40 Shore. A to hard rubber mixtures of -98 Shore A. The latter can be placed approximately at the crossover area LD-to HD-PE. In comparison to soft rubber, the oscillation resistance and tendency to creep are greater. The high attenuation and the concomitant tendency to give make it an excellent plastic for withstanding bumps and vibration. PVC only absorbs water to a slight extent. Soft PVC has a very high stress fracture resistance.

Thermic Properties

Without any mechanical load the permaenent operating temperature range is about -25° to max. 80°C depending on the thickness of the product wall. Raw PVC is inflammable because of its CI components: The combustion behaviour, especially of the materials which break off during burning, varies depending on the type of the PVC and the proportion of the plasticizer(s) used.offe.

Chemical Properies

As regards the chemical consistency of soft PVC as against hard PVC you have to make allowances depending on the percentage and the type of the plasticizer(s). During assembly in varnished components, articles made of soft PVC can only be exposed to varnishes which do not cause any drifting of the plasticizer. Raw PVC is resistant to benzinge, oil, thinned, lyes and acids as well as salt solutions of all kinds. PVC is not resistant to organic solvents such as alcohol, ether, ester, ketone, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, strong lyes and acids.

Physiological Behaviour and Joint

Soft PVC contains plasticizers which can drift, depending on the contact material. Given contact with foodstuffs special plasticizers must be used. Soft PVC can be glued together with PC and THF solvent glue, PE and Polyester dual-component glue, polychlorinated butadiene and with vinyl polymers.

Optical Properties

Natural Soft PVC is transparent. In most cases it has a very slight coloration. Depending on the light refraction, this can be seen on the smaller side of the article. Given correspondingly designed injection moulding tooling, Soft PVC articles have a very good surface.

Special Uses, Products

Materials with good conductivity for improving electrical conductivity. Cable passage mouthpieces, impact suction elements, door buffers, caps, plugs, elements in shock absorbers.

Weathering and Ageing

Soft PVC is resistant to light and weather conditions and ages well.


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