3M ATG® 700 dispenser - Tape dispenser

for processing double-sided adhesive tapes

The 3M ATG® 700 adhesive tape dispenser can be used to process 3M adhesive tapes, PM alternative products, PM DOTS (for the ATG® system).

Net prices range from EUR 17.1300 to 35.7200.
Shipping exclusively via GLS, personal pick up possible.

Tape dispenser for handling of double-sided tapes. Which are suitable for this dispenser - view chapter "without carrier (transfer tapes)"

All tapes which work with the ATG®-System (some 3M types and our PM 18242, PM 18246 and PM 18300) and PM DOTS can be dispensed with the ergonomically formed applicator. The transfer film tapes will be spent to the substrate and the protecting paper will be retracted within the dispenser. Therefore no removal of the liner is necessary – you can save time, because the coated material sticks immediately on the selected surface (tape widths 9, 12 and 19mm; 6mm tapes work with an adapter which you can buy separately). The application of DOTS is also easy and saves time.


  • if materials should stick together immediately
  • if fast and clean application of a thin adhesive layer is required (print-finishing, mailings, assemblies, gluing photos, etc.)