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PM 1800 - electrical tape-dispenser

suitable for a wide variety of carrier materials

The electrical tape dispenser PM 1800 enables the simple cutting of one-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes.

Gross prices range from EUR 1,040.0400 to 1,040.0400.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: grey

Simple die-cuts can be produced. Single- and double-sided tapes with different carriers (foils, paper (non-woven), cloth, foams) can be dispensed with this machine. There is no need to use scissors and knives.


  • manual crosscut at the push of a button
  • automatic feed and crosscut of the next part, as soon as the last part will be removed (controlled by light barrier)
  • number of strips can be programmed

Applications - electrical tape-dispenser:
Handling of single- and double-sided tapes with programmable longitudinal adjustment and quantity presetting.

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