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PM surface cleaner - for surfaces of various materials

different packages sizes available

For the professional cleaning of surfaces made of various materials. The PM surface cleaner is available in 0.25 l, 1 l or 5 l container sizes.

Gross prices range from EUR 5.7443 to 78.4261.
Kindly note our minimum gross order amount of €13.20.
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Colors: transparent

Ingredients: isopropanol, distilled water

Ratio: 70:30 % (isopropanol : distilled water)

Minimum order quantity: 1 piece per article, when stock item
Standard units 5 litre can, 0,25 l und 1,0 l bottles, further units on request

The PM surface cleaner consists of a mixture between isopropanol and distilled water at the ratio of 70:30. This alcohol is recommended by many well-known tape producers for cleaning of substrates. Amongst others, because it doesn´t attack plastics and doesn´t cause stress cracks (e.g. on acrylic glass) - in contrast to some other chemicals which are used for cleaning. Distilled water is added because it dissolve salts (contained e.g. in sweat, which is left by fingerprints on materials, which should be bonded); Isopropanol itself doesn´t have this property.

Cleaning of different surfaces to bond (metals, wood, stone, glass, rubber etc.)

Supplementary notes

  • Absolutely note safety data sheet! We send it on request; it is contained in the carton we use for sending.
  • Store carefully - keep out of the reach of children!
  • For cleaning of metal surfaces we recommend our metal cleaner AP1.
  • Pre-treatment with adhesion promoter (primer): materials which are difficult to bond (PP, PE, etc.), sucking surfaces (stonework etc.), as well as glass and some - e.g. 3M primer 94. Further information respectively product recommendations you will get from our sales department.
  • We recommend the use of drain taps fort he 5 litre cans, which are separate available.

Characteristics PM surface cleaner - for surfaces of various materials

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